22nd Bahmam joint-stock particleboard Manufacturing Co. is one of the first raw particleboard manufacturers in Iran and by having a German production line and well experienced technical workforce enabled the company for over 40 years become one of the best brands in the Iranian market and the physical properties of the produced boards according to Iranian national standards ensures a steady and reliable source of particle board supply for our customers.
Rahasan HDF production company, which has been in production of laminated boards for the last 20 years as its expanding project since 2016 has started to produce HDF and MDF.
Thin HDF and MDF boards are widely used in the furniture industry like flat door skin embossed boards, deep embossed boards, molded door skin, flooring, UV coated boards, laminated boards, CNC engraved boards, etc.

Having one hundred percent waterproof boards to use in totally wet areas like bathrooms, toilets, and washing sinks furniture was a missing section for our board industry production plants  which we produce in Raha Azin Safhe.
By producing PVC lightweight foamed boards we in fact completed our range of raw-boards products.